A little bit about me...

I originally did a classical Bachelor of Music Degree at University College, Cardiff, followed by a PGCE.   I soon found that classroom teaching was too much like hard work, and eventually found myself in the IT industry. 


Since then, I have played at home but also in a huge variety of bands - jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk - you name it, and I've probably had a go at it - and also taught a few students in my spare time. When the opportunity arose to take early retirement, I decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss, so now I can concentrate on music full-time, both teaching and playing.


Away from music, I'm married to Debbie, with one son and a grandson - and have just moved to a lovely house in Calstock on the river Tamar in Cornwall



We have a cat called Abi, and a Golden Retriever called Oscar, who assumes that all visitors have come to see him (not always incorrectly!)


(Oh, and about the website name. They used to call playing the piano "tickling the ivories". Now we live in more enlightened times and prefer to leave the ivory on the elephant, I have just updated the phrase!)

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